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Andrew Bentley-Steed

The Compass and the Pit

The Compass and the Pit     Most people know what a compass is for and could find north.  Fewer are those who know how to navigate using a compass.  Fewer still can confidently find their way when reference points are obscured. Elections are supposed to return those individuals to public office who we believe… Read More »The Compass and the Pit

Sail Away

Sail Away   It does not cost £200m to build a ferry but then the government minister who is reported to have said, “I didn’t say, ‘don’t go-ahead’…” has clearly never negotiated a commercial contract before entering politics.  Incidentally, it makes no more sense to tell a stranger that you’ve only got a couple of… Read More »Sail Away

A New Declaration

  The Declaration of Arbroath is 702 years old. This is one of the main documents asserting Scotland’s rights as a nation. Great. Now, let me ask you another question. Who cares what a bunch of long dead landowners decided seven centuries ago? Offended? Good. Now read that historical document again and imagine it had… Read More »A New Declaration

Fundamentals of Geopolitics

The invasion of Ukraine was not a surprise if you live in eastern Europe, nor was it a surprise if you’d studied the history of these nations. In the UK especially but perhaps also in other western European nations, we’re used to thinking of Europe’s history beginning and being focused on Paris, Rome, and London… Read More »Fundamentals of Geopolitics

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