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Meet John & Iain – ISP’s Latest Candidates

John Hannah – #EastCalder #EastLivingston #voteISP #voteJohnHannah

John Hannah - #EastCalder #EastLivingston #voteISP #voteJohnHannah

John Hannah – #EastCalder #EastLivingston #voteISP #voteJohnHannah

Hi, I’m John. A lifelong independence supporter, I joined the ISP shortly after its inception and became the Lothian Branch Treasurer. I was attracted to the ISP’s focus on independence and social justice. The ability to eradicate poverty is crucial for me.  I believe that real change for Scotland, including the opportunity for complete control of policy change, comes only from gaining independence.

Scotland should implement meaningful land reform and a programme of environmentally sustainable food production. As a member of Scottish CND, I totally support the removal of nuclear weapons from Scotland.

I am an experienced business analyst and have held lead and senior analyst roles within the global Financial Services and Insurance industries. This has included extensive business change experience – something needed in the successful transformation of Scotland into an independent nation.


Iain Forsyth – #invernesswest #voteISP #voteIainForsyth #VoteIainISP

Iain Forsyth -#invernesswest #voteISP #voteIainForsyth #VoteIainISP

Iain Forsyth -#invernesswest #voteISP #voteIainForsyth #VoteIainISP

Hi, I am Iain Forsyth, and have been for all my adult life a committed campaigner for independence.

I am married with two children, both of whom graduated from university last year. 

I have a degree in business and trained as a Chartered Accountant undertaking audit, accounting, insolvency, and tax work in Edinburgh and Glasgow.  I have also worked in industry as a management and company accountant.  Latterly I ran my own accounting practice.

The overriding ISP policy is independence.  An ISP presence in the Highland Council will demonstrate the push for independence and hold the SNP to account.  

Scotland’s people and businesses have been badly affected by the effects of the covid virus.  I would work hard to produce a recovery plan for the Highlands. 


The Scottish Local Elections – Single Transferrable Vote

The Scottish Local Elections use the Single Transferrable Vote  System. Whilst not overly complex, it does take a few minutes to understand how this system works.

The video provides a walk-through example of how votes in Scottish Local Elections are allocated according to the preference ranking of voters.

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