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Code of Conduct

Every member of the Independence for Scotland Party is required to abide by the Party’s Code of Conduct

Members Code of Conduct

  1. Every member will abide by the party’s policy and its Constitution, Rules and Standing Orders.
  2. A member shall not disavow the aims of the Party in whole or in party.
  3. Members shall respect each other’s good faith in endorsing the Party’s aims.
  4. No member shall discriminate against another member on grounds of: age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; sexual orientation.
  5. No member shall abuse or defame any other member whether via the media or otherwise.
  6. No member shall be a member of any organisation contesting elections in opposition to the Party or announce an intention to join any such organisation.
  7. No member shall make a statement on behalf of their branch without the authority of the branch nor make any such statement that he/she knows or ought to know does not properly reflect the position of the branch in question.
  8. All members will respect the internal confidentiality of Office Bearer reports to the Party and of papers issued only within the Party except insofar as these have been put into the public domain by or with the authority of the Party Executive Committee
Approved Parliamentary Candidates
Approved Parliamentary candidates are expected to abide by the members code of conduct with the following additional responsibilities.
The Approved Parliamentary Candidates Code of Conduct
  1. Candidates are required, if elected, to pay in full the Parliamentary Levy as approved the ISP Executive Committee
  2. Any member resigning from a Party group should also resign as a member of Parliament to which he/she was elected as a Party candidate.
  3. On any occasion when a Candidate has concerns that any action, activity, statement or issue, may be used against them, or may bring the Party at local or national level into disrepute or difficulty, they must alert the Executive committee as soon as possible for advice, guidance and support.
  4. Other than in circumstances where the Candidate is the designated Party spokesperson on the subject in question:
  • Candidates must inform the ISP Media Relations Officer of requests for interview or comment by the national media prior to accepting any such requests
  • Candidates must also keep the Media Relations Officer informed of invitations to speak at or contribute to external meetings or conferences, which may attract press attention.
  • If in doubt about any media or speaking request, please check with the Media Relations Officer.
  • For local media candidates may use their own judgement
  1. Candidates will make every reasonable effort to attend training and briefing sessions organised by the Party, study and be familiar with policies of the Party and with current political issues.
  2. Candidates will keep in contact with their branches and work closely with them. During the campaign candidates must also work closely with neighbouring candidates, sharing information and co-ordinating local press as appropriate.
  3. Candidates will respond promptly to requests for information from ISP headquarters
  4. Candidates will make every reasonable effort to make themselves available for national campaign activity as requested
Failure to abide by this Code of Conduct may result in the candidate being removed from standing as an ISP candidate. This sanction is available to the Executive Committee
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