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Andrew Bentley-Steed

From Despair to Sharm El Sheikh – the Next Steps after COP26

  We can do better. We have to be better. In the margins, in the small details, we have been doing some better. We’ve spent two weeks watching the world’s leaders attempt to dress their repeated failure as success. The much-vaunted agreement on stopping deforestation by 2030 was the diplomatic equivalent of a loin cloth… Read More »From Despair to Sharm El Sheikh – the Next Steps after COP26

Electors and successions

In the article, ‘Purring With Displeasure’, I last week described how we haven’t faced a situation where two parliaments are sitting, one in Edinburgh and the other in London, when a succession of the monarchy takes place. Those who’ve read a little history probably choked a little and asked: “But what of Queen Anne?” I… Read More »Electors and successions

Without Claim of Right

The constitutional position of monarchy being paramount ensures that even when we eventually secure independence, England’s Tory ministers will still be able to interfere in Scotland’s affairs, abusing the constitutional principle of ‘Crown-in-Parliament’. The elephant in the room is the Act of Settlement 1701 which requires that before any part of the realm amends the… Read More »Without Claim of Right

What Part of the Word ‘No’ Does Keir Starmer Not Understand?

I read Keir Starmer’s essay, ‘Labour will build a better Britain for working people, in The Guardian and before the end of the second paragraph, was wondering who his speech-writer was addressing. I could hear Starmer’s voice as though he was giving a speech and that perhaps made it difficult to find the detail of… Read More »What Part of the Word ‘No’ Does Keir Starmer Not Understand?


Here Be Dragons

‘Extra territorium jus dicenti impune non paretur’ or, Here Be Dragons* For too long, the reporting of Scottish politics has been about personalities and currently, the drama of Salmond vs Sturgeon.  With so many myths, misrepresentations and outright fibs being told (only to be corrected later on Twitter), it is a surprise to remember that… Read More »Here Be Dragons

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