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ISP Policies

The ISP have a range of policies that reflect much of what people in Scotland believe are sensible, progressive viewpoints.  We believe all of them will be best achieved if Scotland is Independent


Once elected, the first action taken by the ISP in the Scottish parliament will be to call a vote on proceeding with an independence referendum. Our instruction to the Scottish government will be to hold a referendum on the question ‘Should Scotland be an Independent Country?’ at the earliest date possible and within the life of the new Parliament.


The ISP rejects the use and the presence of nuclear weapons in Scotland. We believe the armed forces of an independent Scotland should be resourced and rebalanced to meet Scotland’s particular requirements, including civil contingency response.

Economy and Employment

The ISP believes a healthy economy comes from balancing investment in growing and developing business, with maintaining the rights and dignity of the workforce they draw on. The coronavirus pandemic poses particular challenges and we will be looking at various ideas for supporting businesses and also protecting workers against hardship and unemployment

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Brexit or Europe


The ISP believes there needs to be an in depth re-assessment of the Scottish education system. As such, we will begin a consultation with teachers on the way forward. 
We will also look at ways to improve/reform secondary and further education for ASN/sensory impaired school leavers. 

Energy and the Environment

The ISP is anti-fracking and is committed to a greener environment through developing green energy, making the most of Scotland’s resources – both natural and human talent.


The ISP will look to renew trading ties with Europe by joining the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) as an initial step. We will also look at the merits of joining the Nordic Council, which has Scandinavian member states with a similar climate and economic profile to ourselves.

Freedom on (matters of conscience)

The ISP believes that certain issues should always be a matter for the individual, even if we disagree with them. As such, we will not compel elected members on votes pertaining to faith or conscience.

GRA and Self-ID

The ISP believes that trans people, like all other groups in society should be free to dress, live and love how they please. However, we oppose self ID on the grounds that it does not add anything to the rights that trans people currently enjoy and the legislation, as it stands will severely affect sex based women’s rights. We will oppose Self ID on that principle. 

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NHS Doctor in scrubs


The ISP believes in a universal and publicly funded NHS. We will be examining the problems that coronavirus has exposed, particularly in social care and will be looking at ways to ‘pandemic proof’ the NHS against a future similar event of this nature. 

We will look at ways to prioritise and fund mental health, and also to tackle the suicide epidemic, which is disproportionately impacting young men. 

We will look to develop women’s health, especially in the most common conditions that affect women; we will encourage scientific research to include sex specific studies as well as general ones.


The ISP believes that there should be a home in Scotland for all those who have made Scotland their home. In particular, we will be looking at ways to bring current housing into public usage especially in rural areas and to ensure that existing stock meets the highest energy efficiency standards. 


The ISP believes that the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) and the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB) are in urgent need of attention and will be looking at ways to invest in and improve these bodies. 


In rural areas, we will look to instigate reform that will allow better, sustainable use of the land. We will also endeavour to support farmers to adjust and adapt in the wake of Brexit and coronavirus, with a view to building food supply chains that favour local available produce.

Local Government

Local Government is the area of government with which most people engage directly; it is currently under great strain, due to budget cuts and a rapidly changing economic situation. The ISP will look at ways that local government might be assisted and adapted in this environment and will review the Single Outcome Agreement framework with this in mind. 


The ISP will look to strike a balance between encouraging walking & cycling and improving public transport access in cities to cut emissions, but also improving the infrastructure, particularly in areas such as the Highlands, where lifeline routes are no longer fit for purpose. 

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