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Mission Statement

Our first and chief aim is to secure the independence of Scotland

To desire self-governance of one’s own nation is normal and flows naturally from the principle that in Scotland, the people are sovereign. We seek the good of all who live in Scotland; and in this cause to affirm that all who call themselves Scots, whether by birth or choice, should have equal regard; in every walk of life, be it work, or learning, or love, or freedom, the dignity of each person is recognised; and all who call this land home can share in its natural and human wealth.

And yet, we cannot begin this task without recognising that to bring about this good, we must first address the plight we are in. It has long been the case that in the UK, we have not been in a union of equals but not since the Treaty of Union itself, has the state of our country been so grave, or in more peril. In six short years since the Scottish Referendum, we have been torn from Europe against our will and had our parliament’s powers reduced. We are being drawn inexorably to the edge of a chasm, unable to act or retreat, because we do not hold the powers to do so.

We believe we must, by every peaceful means possible, act to secure the self-governance of Scotland. It is intolerable that our nation, so rich in natural resource, so admired for its contributions to science and the humanities, and with many and close ties to family of Europe, should find itself so diminished.

Now is the time to act; and we call on all people of like mind to join us as we seek to return Scotland to its rightful place as an equal and friend amongst nations.

Our constitution dictates how our party is structured and organised.

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