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Women's Health

An online event hosted by ISP on Saturday 11th September 2021 from 2 to 4 pm

Women’s Health

 Registration is closed for this event

The second of our series of monthly events will be on Saturday 11th September between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. This month the topic is women’s health and includes guest speakers, Debbie Morrison from the women’s mesh implant survivor’s group, ISP Leader Colette Walker talking about her experience of painful medical interventions without pain relief and how this has been seen as the norm by healthcare providers. We are also very pleased to have a speaker from The Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy, find out more on the website.

We want to explore and discuss how we can improve women’s health and wellbeing through improved research and engaging with stakeholders to have the voices of women heard around treatment, decision making, and informed consent.

There will be time for questions and discussion in the open forum format and if there are any participants who would like to share their stories and experience of medical treatments and interventions that have fallen short, space will be allotted.

September 11th, 2021 from  2:00 PM to  4:00 PM


One of the topics is a talk by Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy

The Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy is a community interest group lobbying for pain-free womb endoscopy.  In the UK currently 1 in 4 hysteroscopy patients suffers SEVERE pain and trauma during the outpatient procedure – often done with just a ‘vocal-local’.  The Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists [RCOG] has instructed its members to offer hysteroscopy patients the option of general anaesthetic upfront and to stop if a patient is distressed.  Sadly, our dis-satisfaction survey of 2,000+ horrendous hysteroscopies shows that women of all ages – often at high risk of severe pain – are still being tricked into outpatient surgery with no anaesthetic, and are then encouraged to complete the procedure while crying or screaming.  Save money and blame the patient.   We’re the next gynecological scandal after mesh.  
They will talk about their lobbying of the RCOG, the British Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy, and how we’ve used the English Freedom of Information Act to obtain evidence of NHS gynecological pain scores.
You can find out more on the website. Click here

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