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Dr. Peter Ashby


Dr. Peter Ashby



Dundee Central

Statement to Voters

I am an ex Biomedical scientist with degrees in Physiology and research publications in Developmental Biology. I am also a science Tutor and am a TSO (science technician) at a Dundee secondary school. I can be seen behind the counter at the Broughty Ferry British Heart Foundation Shop as a volunteer. Though no politics in the shop, please.

Dr Peter Ashby was born in Ayrshire and emigrated to New Zealand aged 6, but I have never forgotten that I am Scots. Returning to the UK in the early ‘90s as a scientist starting with 5 years in London I have lived in Dundee since 1998.

I want Scotland to be free and Independent, not sometime in the future but NOW. I want it to be a country that recognises the rights of all as they are born with them. I want more economic equality, not trickle-down but a real shove-up and a proper contribution from those doing more than well enough.

I feel passionately that the Scottish education system especially in science is not good enough for the modern world. I will argue hard to bring that about.

All this is possible, achievable if only the political will is there. The ISP has that political will and we will argue with others to that to bring it about.

When not wrestling ideas or running Peter potters in his wood workshop, cooks or brews wine and beer.

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