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John Forbes


John Forbes



Dunfermline & Dollar

Statement to Voters

My name is John Forbes I am a self-employed bricklayer who has worked in the construction industry for over 30 years.

I was born in Dunfermline Maternity Hospital attended St Leonard’s Primary School, Dunfermline High School, and lastly Lauder Technical College as part of my apprenticeship training to become a bricklayer. I have seen many changes in the Dunfermline area in the 41 years he lived in Dunfermline before moving to North Lanarkshire, some good whilst others not so.

I am a volunteer committee member with a Fife men’s mental health suicide prevention charity, helping with my own personal lived experience having suffered mental illnes myself at a weekly men’s mental health illness club in the form of a peer to peer meeting.

I am very passionate about the mental health problem that Scotland has, far too many Scottish lives are being lost to suicide with nothing being done by the other main political parties apart from cuts to local funding making the already massive concern and problem even worse.

My Father’s side were miners so witnessed as a child the tory led destruction of not just the mining industry but anything industrial in Fife the third largest council area in Scotland, with many of these areas effected back then have still not fully recovered.

Like many I joined the Scottish Independence Movement in the years immediately before the referendum in 2014 but resisted the temptation to join a Pro Independence political party instead choosing to give the SNP party my vote.

However, in the subsequent years I became despondent in the direction of the party, with the numerous false promises and missed opertunities along with the feeling that my vote for another Independence Referendum was merely a dangled carrot by the party to remain in power.

In November 2022 I completely turned off to Scottish Politics and equally the Politicians as all trust had been lost by now, this even more so when I joined Salvo and the People’s Liberation Movement, after reading about the Scottish Constitution and that all Scots are Sovereign to name but two the feeling of betrayal set in regarding the party I used to vote for to gain Scottish Independence.

I then came across the ISP Party, they spoke my language and stood for things that meant most to me, Abstention, Independence, and Direct Democracy and that ISP were against the two Scottish Freeports and SEZs. With being a member of the Salvo Freeports Action Group this subjct is close to my heart as these abominations in the name of Freeports are nothing short of a Westminster led land grab and asset stripping exercise of Scotland with the Scottish Goverment in full Agreement.

A sense of relief set in as there was now a Political Party I could vote for, I didnt stop there and for the first time in all the years I could vote I became a member of a Pro Independence Party that party being ISP.

Too many voters have turned their backs on Scottish Politics just like I did with there distrust in Politicians it’s now the turn of normal folk just like me to engage again in Scottish Politics and try and change the current Political system bringing fairness and equality to all not the few, and having Public Servants serve the Public not how it has been with the Public serving the Public Servants.

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