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Statement on George Kerevan and Kenny MacAskill Ads

Last week the ISP issued two Facebook and Twitter cards online, quoting statements made by Kenny McAskill MP and Georgre Kerevan regarding the professionalism of the ISP and the stupidity of using ‘BothVotes’SNP’ on the regional list.

George Kerevan contacted ISP directly via Twitter and asked us to remove the card. George felt it suggested he endorsed ISP. We did not agree with George’s perception but out of respect for him and everything he has done for the YES movement we removed the card immediately.

Kenny McAskill has made no request from the ISP to remove the card from social media platforms. However, if Kenny does contact us directly about removing this card, we will of course do this for him for the exact same reason we removed the one for George.

The ISP make no apologies for drawing attention to comments of senior figures within the independence movement that support our position, but at no point was there any suggestion in the advert that those in question supported ISP as a party.

It is common practice to put the photograph of a person being quoted and no need to ask for permission to quote someone’s published words regarding us as a party.

In the hope that respect goes both ways. George recently made a claim in the National suggesting the ISP had issues regarding Tommy Sheridan. This claim by George is completely untrue and the ISP has asked to retract this statement publicly which he has yet failed to do.
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