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Rigged Scottish Elections

Find out what others are saying about the Independence for Scotland Party through the articles and interviews below:

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The Scottish Parliament is a relatively young parliament and as such is still in many ways is finding its feet. Apparently designed to produce a more consensual, cross-party politics, it has in effect produced an almost even British nationalist/Scottish independence split, with only the Greens’ tiny presence tipping the balance in our favour

The National – New party is needed to avoid Yes votes being wasted

The Independence For Scotland Party (ISP), led by Colette Walker, announced their registration recently with a view to standing on the list seats in the next Scottish election, currently set to take place in 2021. A number of comments have been made, mostly positive, but some critical or questioning, and that is only right. “Who are you and why should I vote for you?” is a question every voter should ask.

The National – The road to indy is not an easy one, but ISP are committed to that journey

Speaking to The Daily Record, Walker said: “A new list party gives voters the opportunity to vote in a majority overall of MSPs to Holyrood that support Scotland becoming an independent Scotland.”

The Scottish Sun – New pro-Scottish independence party created ahead of 2021 Holyrood elections

“It’s been a lot of hard work, but to achieve an independent Scotland is well worth it. Will keep you all posted with further developments.”

Glasgow Live – New pro-Scottish independence party formed in Glasgow


‘Devolution will kill nationalism stone dead’. Thus spoke George Robertson in 1995 as the plans to form a Scottish Parliament went ahead. It was a frank and startling statement of the intent behind its creation. Holyrood was to be a lightning rod to draw off the increasing energy of the independence movement, the D’Hondt system of voting put in place to ensure that no-one would get a majority, especially those supporting independence.

The National – It’s time we stood up to Westminster to win independence (Opinion)

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