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Colette Walker


Colette Walker 



Renfrewshire East

Statement to Voters

Colette Walker is the leader of ISP.

Colette is registered blind and a carer for her disabled son.

A political activist for over 20 years, Colette campaigns for improved disability, equality, accessibility and carer’s rights.

Colette supports the protection of single sex safe spaces and opposed and campaigned against the GRA reform bill.

Colette has worked alongside Salvo in the passed 18 months on Scotland’s Constitutional rights, part of the Stirling Directive team.

In the last 12 months Colette has worked as member of Salvo Freeport Campaign team , travelling the country , where we have held public meetings to inform the public on Freeports and SEZ’s , and as East Renfrewshire is one of the areas within Glasgow SEZ , she will continue to campaign against freeports and SEZ’s.

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