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Andrew Bentley-Steed

Andrew is an ISP General Member


Andrew Bentley-Steed





Burntisland, Kinghorn & Western Kirkcaldy

Statement to Voters

Andrew Bentley-Steed lives in Kinghorn. He’s standing for election because he’s tired of asking why we’re paying Nordic levels of tax for U.S. levels of service and increasing poverty.

In 2016, he worked with friends in the community to save Kinghorn’s library from closure by Fife Council who didn’t seem to understand what is meant by ‘publicly owned’.

Having retrained at Fife College recently while continuing to work, Andrew understands the value in maximizing opportunities for people being able to access education at any age. This is especially important as our economy and personal circumstances change.

Andrew would like to see Kinghorn, Burntisland and Western Kirkcaldy lead a trial on a community energy scheme with the goal of saving us all money and improving Fife’s public revenues – and our environment. These systems have been common in other parts of Europe for decades, so why shouldn’t our community do this too?

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