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The Stirling Directive

The #StirlingDirective 

On Saturday 22 July, exactly 317 years to the day when the details of the disastrous Treaty of Union were agreed, a group of writers, speakers and activists from across Scotland’s Independence movement will launch a new, national campaign, the Stirling Directive. 

The Directive represents a radical departure from the old, worn out approach to Scottish self-determination. This approach does not ask permission of anyone. Instead, it stands on the authority of the Scottish people alone, an authority that, rightfully, outranks all others:

It affirms the sovereignty of Scotland’s people.

It upholds the constitutional settlement of the ‘Union’.

It requires political recognition of the lawful, Scottish constitution.

It will pursue our inalienable right of self-determination as guaranteed under international law.

Until now, our elected representatives have sought, and have consistently been refused,Westminster’s permission for rights that belong, inherently, to the people of Scotland, rights guaranteed by the limits and conditions of the Treaty of Union, (the constitutional settlement), and by international law. This must end. The Stirling Directive is committed to ending it now.

We are convinced that terminating the archaic, grotesquely asymmetric and clearly dysfunctional Union with England and restoring Scotland to its rightful status as an independent nation, requires a profound change in the way the people of this nation understand, think and talk about Scotland and the Union.

We maintain that the best and the correct way to achieve this is by raising awareness, informing the people of Scotland of their true, constitutional position and, leading by example, demonstrating the true character of the Union and the inalienable rights of the people. Democracy only works when the people are able to make informed choices. The Stirling Directive intends to enable that informed, democratic choice. 

As the people of Scotland become increasingly aware of their rights under the constitutional settlement and international law, they will be empowered to demand that those rights are upheld by our Scottish Government and by all who adhere to fundamental democratic principles. And we fully expect that the people of Scotland will do so.

Stirling Directive Campaign Committee (email:

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