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Statement on Independence Referendum Announcement

Yesterday, Nicola Sturgeon laid out the Scottish Government’s intent to have an independence referendum on Oct 19th 2023 and to pursue a case in the Supreme Court to support the government’s legal position on a referendum.

We broadly welcome her statement as an indication of direction and intent. ISP, as an independence supporting party will do all in its power to promote and win any such referendum/plebiscite.

We remain concerned that the timing of this date, plus the pursuit of a Section 30, hands too much control to Westminster, leaving it open to sabotage and delay through the courts, plus vulnerability to any snap election that may be called in Westminster should the alternative 2024 plebiscite be called.

We would prefer a 2026 Holyrood plebiscite as it would be wholly within the control of the Scottish Parliament and judiciary.

We will however, support and campaign for a yes vote and we call on the SNP and other independence parties to co-operate on tactics and campaigning.

Our best chance of success lies in working and preparing the case for independence together to put to the Scottish people.

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