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Ross Weir


Ross Weir


[email protected]


Argyll & Bute


Mid Argyll

Statement to Voters

I have lived in Ardrishaig for 17 years and have a young family. I am a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy and a local engineering business owner.

Pressing issues locally such as the A83 Rest and Be Thankful and CALMAC ferry scandals have impacted daily life in Argyll for far too long. Vast sums of money have been spent with nothing to show for it. It is time for new blood and a fresh set of eyes to look at the problems.

It is vital that we have Mid Argyll councillors who are equipped and ready to respond to the specific needs of the area in an ever-changing social and economic climate.

With a wealth of experience in shipping and a lifetime of engineering problem solving, I am capable of making informed decisions regarding infrastructure for our community and the transport links needed to support it.