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Plebiscite Petition

The ISP are launching a petition to make the May 2021 Holyrood election a plebiscite on independence.
Czechoslovakia became the Czech Republic and Slovakia after the Slovakians voted in a general election for Vladimir Meciar’s ‘Movement for a Democratic Slovakia.’ Other countries have become independent without the ‘permission’ of the country they were leaving.
The ISP is calling on all those who wish to see independence for Scotland – whether supporters of the SNP, the Scottish Greens or, no party allegiance at all – to sign the petition which has been proven to be an acceptable route back to independence in Europe.
It is clear that Westminster will continue to refuse a Section 30 order on a referendum, despite the SNP being given several electoral mandates to conduct a new referendum now that our prosperous and peaceful relationship with Europe has been stolen from us – the very material change that we were told would negate the result of the 2014 referendum in which voters were told they could only remain in Europe if they voted ‘no’.
If the government in London cannot accept this change in material circumstances has lead to increased support for another referendum via democratic mandate, then Scotland is no longer a partner nation in the UK. It is understood that most countries seeking independence from a neighbouring nation that won’t accept democratic demands for change, usually do so without permission from the dominating partner in their relationship.
Whether or not a Section 30 order is obtained, this is not necessary to hold a plebiscite. A general election is a legitimate democratic event recognised by bodies such as the UN and using this election to elicit the will of the people on independence is valid.
The ISP is now calling on the SNP and the Scottish Greens and other independence supporting parties to back our proposition – or to justify why the Section 30 order is still being pursued.
The people of Scotland deserve a new say in their future. We are constantly told that the 2014 Scottish referendum was ‘once in a generation.’ In Northern Ireland, a generation is seven years and the people can vote, if they choose, on whether to secede. 2021 is seven years on from the Scottish 2014 referendum and there have been vast changes in our relationship with Europe and with England.
In Scotland the people are sovereign and it is time that their voice was heard.
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