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Articles, Interviews, and Stories from the ISP and Guest Contributors from around Scotland

Women aren’t Objects, are we?

Womb Transplants             The media has recently been ablaze with the ‘great’ news that a womb transplant has now been carried out.  It is indeed

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12th August – 18th August, 2023

12/08/23 – 18/08/23 EV charging, Fishing Red Tape and…  The GERS figures really are ‘CRAp’ So says Professor Richard Murphy, meaning they are ‘Completely Rubbish

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July 29th – August 4th, 2023

29/07/23 – 04/08/23 Rural Destruction, Scotland’s Roads, and first The Scottish Rural and Islands Parliament will meet in November, with over 40 rural organisations discussing

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July 22nd – July 28th, 2023

22/07/23 – 28/07/23 UK Power Grab, Boilers must GO, but first… #Stirling Directive Saturday, July 22nd, 2023, was the day when Salvo’s Stirling Directive said

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The Stirling Directive

The #StirlingDirective  On Saturday 22 July, exactly 317 years to the day when the details of the disastrous Treaty of Union were agreed, a group

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