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The issue of violence against women is a longstanding one in society. The statistics speak for themselves. If we take time to consider the conditions and environment for violence it usually falls down to who had the power and what escalated the situation.

Violence needs to be considered both intrinsically and extrinsically. The external environment plays a significant role in the intrinsic feelings of action to become violent or otherwise.

Our main speaker Michael Conroy founded Men At Work C.I.C. in 2019 to deliver transformative training in challenging sexism, supporting healthy personal development for boys and young men and fostering violence-free relationships and communities.

This movement grew from a 16-year career in Secondary Education which included delivering a wide range of citizenship and well-being programmes for students aged 11-19 yrs. School and community-based programmes and initiatives Michael has been recognised by awards including a Sinnott Fellowship and a Suzy Lamplugh Young Person’s Safety Award. In recent years he has developed a unique, targeted training programme (called ’10 Dialogues’) for professionals aimed at unpicking social influences on the values and beliefs of boys and young men – and how some of those influences can manifest in a range of problematic behaviours.

Michael has presented on his work at the National Education Union’s Challenging Sexism in Schools’ conferences, the National Men in Early Years Conference and the Young Trades Union Conference (YTUC). He has recorded a TEDx Youth Talk and twice spoken at Westminster Parliamentary events: the Women & Equalities Select Committee in Parliament on the topic of Sexual Harassment and an APPG on Sex and Safeguarding in Schools. Men At Work was co-sponsor in Oct 2021 of the first global conference on the conflict between porn and effective Sex Education in schools. Michael is a trained facilitator of ‘Becoming Respectful’, an adult Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Intervention Programme, as well as being a Youth Mental Health Instructor with a particular interest in suicide prevention. His work has been referenced in The Guardian, GB News, France 24, BBC News and BBC’s ‘The Big Questions’.

We are very excited to be holding this space for men and women to share their thoughts on HOW Men Can End Violence Against Women.

Join us on 15th January between 2 and 4 pm to find out more. Register here.

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