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July 23rd-July 29th, 2022 Week 30

23/07/2022 -29/07/2022 Mental Health Help The Scottish government has spent over £3 million funding the Welfare Advice and Health Partnerships programme since September 2021, to

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Women and Equalities Rights

Women and Equalities                             July 2022 ForWomen Scotland                         say they have

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9th July-15th July, 2022 Week 28

09/07/22 – 15/07/22 IndyRef2 The SNP’s second paper on independence focusses on Democracy.  Despite the UK’s constant repeats, Scotland’s First Minister stressed that the Smith

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Justice Matters

Scottish Legal Aid             Most people have scant sympathy for lawyers pleading poverty, but Scotland’s criminal justice system is teetering, according to the Scottish Solicitors

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