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Julie McAnulty

It’s 2026 or Bust

Do you remember the 2011 AV referendum? Probably not. It came and went in the blink of an eye, a few months after the 2010 Westminster election. It was part of the deal that Nick Clegg did with David Cameron in return for forming a coalition with the Tories. The Tories shook hands on it… Read More »It’s 2026 or Bust

A History of Violence

The lessons of history are so poorly observed, we may as well be looking at the past through a telescope the wrong way round. In attempting to understand the motivation and context of our ancestors, the academic refers to not only archaeological evidence but the written record. Articles that reference songs and other oral traditions… Read More »A History of Violence

Sir David Amess

The first rule of politics is to turn up. More than anything people want your presence. They want you to be amongst them, to see what they see and feel what they feel. It’s one thing speaking on people’s behalf in a debating chamber, but the real rockface of politics is the politician’s constituency. House… Read More »Sir David Amess

ISP is Here to Stay

The following letter was published in The National. REFERRING to the letter on Sunday from Peter Barr, it is incorrect to say that the Independence for Scotland Party have thrown in our lot with the Alba Party. I am not aware of how the AFI intend to progress, but the ISP is definitely going forward… Read More »ISP is Here to Stay


There is No Alliance

We at ISP are still asked by some well meaning people online about why we don’t simply pack up and “work with” AFI, the Action For Independence party which previously set out and failed to set up an alliance of pro independence parties. “You need to sort it out and work together” we’re told. We… Read More »There is No Alliance


Conscience and the Hate Crime

Yesterday, 10th March 2021, marks the day that the leadership of the SNP declared war on at least 52% of the Scottish People, betraying women, girls and those who support those safe spaces guaranteed by the Equality Act (2010). This deeply sinister development is supported by the Green Party, who have been behind many attacks… Read More »Conscience and the Hate Crime

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