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Julia Pannell

November 19th, 2022 – November 25th, 2022 Week 47

19/11/22 – 25/11/22 Death of the Act of Union: Unsurprisingly, the Supreme Court decided that Scotland does not have permission to hold an independence vote without Westminster’s agreement.  Nothing shouts ‘prisoner’ more clearly than that.  Scots Law is meant to be guaranteed by the Act of Union 1707, and Scots Law’s foundation on the sovereignty… Read More »November 19th, 2022 – November 25th, 2022 Week 47

Elimination of Violence Against Women Day 2022

Elimination of Violence Against Women                          November 2022           The idea of a yearly commemoration of the victims of violence against women began after the murder on November 25th, 1960 of three sisters, Patria Mercedes Mirabal, Maria Argentina Minerva Mirabal and Antonia Maria Teresa Mirabal on the orders of Dominican Republic ruler Rafael Trujillo, whose dictatorship… Read More »Elimination of Violence Against Women Day 2022

Will COP27 result in real change?

COP27 Egypt             Over the first weekend of November, four Extinction Rebellion protesters locked onto an oil barrel outside JP Morgan’s Glasgow office to highlight what they see as the failures of COP26.  Meanwhile in Egypt, fresh turf was laid and petunias planted along the empty 4-lane highways approaching Sharm El-Sheikh, irrigated by precious scarce… Read More »Will COP27 result in real change?

November 12th – November 18th, 2022 Week 46

12/11/22 – 18/11/22 Women Won’t Wheesht! A woman wearing a purple scarf was told to remove it or leave Committee Room 6 today (15th November).  She was there supporting women’s rights in the ongoing gender reform bill.  Apparently these colours are ‘political’.  The Code of Conduct for visitors bans banners, flags or political slogans including… Read More »November 12th – November 18th, 2022 Week 46

Women’s Issues October 2022

Women’s Issues                                                   October 2022 Gender Reform             The committee examining the government’s proposals concluded that they are in favour of it, although the committee composition appears heavily weighted in favour of… Read More »Women’s Issues October 2022

October 22nd – October 28th, 2022 Week 43

SNP Rebellion over Gender Reform The SNP government faced an unexpected rebellion at Holyrood yesterday over their gender reform plans. Seven SNP MSPs, including Ash Regan, Minister for Community Safety, voted against the proposal, with two SNP abstentions.  Ash Regan had resigned as a minister hours before the vote, which was passed to the next… Read More »October 22nd – October 28th, 2022 Week 43

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