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Julia Pannell

May 27th – June 2nd, 2023

27/05/23 – 02/06/23 Labour Links to Just Stop Oil The Labour Party are under pressure to return a £1.5 million donation from a key funder of pressure group Just Stop Oil (JSO), whose members have disrupted recent sporting events.  Coincidentally Labour recently announced they would totally ban future North Sea oil and gas drilling should… Read More »May 27th – June 2nd, 2023

May 20th – May 26th, 2023

Tenants Win against the Council, Alex Cole-Hamilton gets a history lesson and police go part time…. 20/05/23 – 26/05/23  Part-Time Police A three-month pilot project on the island of Bute means that police officers are now on call rather than on shift from 12am to 8am weekdays and 2am to 8am at weekends.  Calls are… Read More »May 20th – May 26th, 2023

May 13th – May 19th, 2023

13/05/23 – 19/05/23 Is Scotland allowed to be a country? Ask our politicians… Petition against Alex Cole-Hamilton The leader of the Scottish LibDems is the subject of a petition to resign after stating at an Oxford Union debate that Scotland is an ancient nation that ‘can never and should never exist again’ in today’s globalised… Read More »May 13th – May 19th, 2023

HPMAs, Ghost Gear and Must the Sheep All Go?

Do the Sheep Have To Go Too?             Following recent calls for livestock numbers to be drastically cut, Ben Goldsmith, former adviser for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) wants all the sheep removed, claiming they have a brutal effect on the hydrology of landscapes, compact the soil and expunge vegetation leading… Read More »HPMAs, Ghost Gear and Must the Sheep All Go?

May 6th – May 12th, 2023

06/05/23 – 12/05/23 Hospital Assaults Police Scotland do not think patient safety outweighs the cost of supplying information on rapes and sexual assaults in Scotland’s hospitals.   The Women’s Rights Network obtained figures under a Freedom of Information Request (FOI) that more than 6500 such attacks happened in four years in England and Wales, 2088 rapes… Read More »May 6th – May 12th, 2023

April 29th – May 5th, 2023

29/04/23 – 05/05/23 ##NotOurKing Following ISP’s request to lodge a petition asking for the Stone of Destiny not to go south for the coronation, the Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament claimed it is the Monarch’s prerogative to decide what is to be done with the Stone.  This was swiftly followed by the unedifying spectacle… Read More »April 29th – May 5th, 2023

April 22nd – April 28th, 2023

22/04/23 – 28/04/23 Dundee Battery Firm may move to the US A battery mega-factory planned for Dundee could instead go to America to access subsidies from the US government’s Inflation Reduction Act for green companies making green technology.  Thurso-based AMTE Power is considering the move as the Act provides between 30% and 50% support for… Read More »April 22nd – April 28th, 2023

15th April – 21st April, 2023

15/04/23 – 21/04/23 Safeguarding and the UK Alert On Sunday, 23rd April the UK government’s decision to have an ear-piercing alert ping on everyone’s phone for 10 seconds at 3pm is having unintended consequences.  Might this sudden noise cause accidents?  Will it interrupt actual emergency calls?  Will those with learning conditions like autism be terrified… Read More »15th April – 21st April, 2023

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