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Julia Pannell

This Week In Scotland – Week 37

The Queen’s Privilege Not content with being exempted from laws which don’t suit the monarch’s aspirations, we learned this week that she is also in receipt of over £34,000 in taxpayer subsidies for her Balmoral estate via forestry grants, less favoured area support scheme (did this legislation envisage subsidising the property of one of the… Read More »This Week In Scotland – Week 37

This Week In Scotland – Week 36

Trident While the SNP has belatedly named a vague, possible date for indyref 2, the SNP conference next week will debate a timeline for Trident removal on independence. Great. But isn’t this putting the cart before the horse? We can’t remove Trident without independence. We can’t get independence without a referendum. We can’t get a… Read More »This Week In Scotland – Week 36

This Week In Scotland – Week 35

It’s GRA All the Way The SNP/Green coalition and its priorities became clearer this week.  GRA reform was top of the agenda with the government identifying it as a priority in its legislation programme. This was followed by the Marion Millar case on Tuesday, which ‘coincided’ with an announcement that the sex question on the… Read More »This Week In Scotland – Week 35

This Week In Scotland – Week 34

SNP/Green coalition Greens at Holyrood. Despite disagreement on a number of policy areas, thereseems to be broad agreement particularly on climate and gender reform. Bothparties are pushing for the UK Government to withdraw the licences to exploitthe new Cambo oilfield off Shetland, although this is unlikely to happen. energy, setting up a Scottish Energy Company… Read More »This Week In Scotland – Week 34

Women's Rights

A Victory for Common Sense

It is with some relief that we have just heard that the Lamont Amendment to the Forensic Medical Services (Victims of Sexual Offences) (Scotland) bill has passed. Briefly, the amendment seeks to provide victims of sexual offences the opportunity to request that the person carrying out the medical examination of a victim of sexual assault… Read More »A Victory for Common Sense

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