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Julia Pannell

Women’s Issues October 2022

Women’s Issues                                                   October 2022 Gender Reform             The committee examining the government’s proposals concluded that they are in favour of it, although the committee composition appears heavily weighted in favour of… Read More »Women’s Issues October 2022

October 22nd – October 28th, 2022 Week 43

SNP Rebellion over Gender Reform The SNP government faced an unexpected rebellion at Holyrood yesterday over their gender reform plans. Seven SNP MSPs, including Ash Regan, Minister for Community Safety, voted against the proposal, with two SNP abstentions.  Ash Regan had resigned as a minister hours before the vote, which was passed to the next… Read More »October 22nd – October 28th, 2022 Week 43

Justice/Legal October 2022

Justice + Legal                    October 2022 Inside Out is a project funded by the National Lottery and run by Barnardo’s and Youth justice Voices, with the aim of giving prisoners a voice.  At Polmont Young Offenders Institute (YOI) some inmates are drawing up an ‘Induction Pack’ for… Read More »Justice/Legal October 2022

October 15th – October 21st, 2022

IndyRef2 – The Economic Case             This widely anticipated document appeared on Monday to much dismay and not a few questions.  The First Minister committed Scotland to using the British pound indefinitely, only later replacing it with a Scottish pound and re-joining the EU. The Scottish Central Bank will operate from Day One of independence,… Read More »October 15th – October 21st, 2022

October 8th – October 14th, 2022 Week 41

Scotland’s National Cerebral Palsy Football Team recently travelled to Sardinia for the World Championships.   After beating Italy 6-0, South Korea 7-0 and Chile 7-2, they beat Japan 5-1 in the semi-final, narrowly losing the final to Colombia 3-2. Not bad considering that six years ago they lost all their funding and were disbanded.  Manager Greig… Read More »October 8th – October 14th, 2022 Week 41

October 1st, 2022 – October 7th, 2022 Week 40

01/10/22- 07/10/22 McVities has closed Iconic biscuit producer McVities has ceased Scottish production, with Turkish owners Pladis shutting it to stop ‘over-capacity’ and ‘protect long-term sustainability’.  Scottish production is going to English plants, Hobnobs and Digestives going to Manchester and others going to Wigston, Leicestershire, and some to Carlisle, which is reportedly being expanded.  McVities had… Read More »October 1st, 2022 – October 7th, 2022 Week 40

Are women better drivers?

Stalking, the Sexual Revolution and are Women better drivers? Stalking law not fit for purpose Female stalking victims are demanding action from the Scottish government for longer jail terms and better monitoring of offenders.  One woman whose life was turned upside down is dismayed that he is being released soon is demanding he be permanently… Read More »Are women better drivers?

September 24th – September 30th, 2022 Week 39

Trickle Down Economics             Much is being made of the diverging tax regime between Scotland and England, particularly after the Tory Chancellor’s emergency budget which will put more money in the hands of the richest south of the border.  At present in Scotland the initial 19% tax rate applies to earnings between the tax-free personal… Read More »September 24th – September 30th, 2022 Week 39

17th September – 23rd September 2022 Week 38

17/09/22 –23/09/22 Should King Charles pay inheritance tax? Nearly two thirds of the population think he should pay tax on his private inheritance, which is exempt as it is a ‘sovereign-to-sovereign’ bequest. The Queen’s personal wealth was estimated to be £370 million, and a normal inheritance tax bill of 40% over the £325,000 threshold would… Read More »17th September – 23rd September 2022 Week 38