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Julia Pannell

April 27th – May 3rd, 2024

April 27th – May 3rd, 2024 Are We all Malingerers? Are Ghost kitchens a Threat?  but first …… ‘Beating’ Russian Sanctions   Due to a sanctions loophole, refined oil in the form of diesel and jet fuel made from Russian crude oil is entering the UK legally provided it is processed in a third country.  PetroChina,… Read More »April 27th – May 3rd, 2024

April 20th – April 26th, 2024

April 20th – April 26th, 2024   A Forever Ferry Contract? Holyrood Conveners, but first …… SNP Ditch Scottish Greens as Climate Target Ditched The Scottish government has officially ditched its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2030, although its 2045 commitment to 100% reduction remains!  They will move away from legally binding… Read More »April 20th – April 26th, 2024

April 13th – April 19th, 2024

April 13th – April 19th, 2024   Council Cuts Bite,  Stove Ban Confusion, but first …… Ancient Lizards and Reparatory Justice The170-year-old Jamaican Giant Galliwasp lizard is being returned to Jamaica from Glasgow University, where it has ‘resided’ since 1888.  It follows a 2019 Memorandum of Understanding between the University of the West Indies and University… Read More »April 13th – April 19th, 2024

April 6th – April 12th, 2024

April 6th – April 12th, 2024 Green calamities, Hogwarts and Seagulls, but first … Gaming study aids Parkinson’s disease research             Scientists at Dundee University led by Dr Tom Gilbertson have identified a ‘back-up system’ in patients’ brains which may kick in to help them stay motivated.  They compared patients with and without clinical apathy… Read More »April 6th – April 12th, 2024

March 30th – April 5th, 2024

March 30th – April 5th, 2024 Rural Health and Education Crisis, Freeports and … Windfarms (1) Amazon, Google, Tesco and Sainsbury are very interested and invested in Scotland’s windfarms.  A proliferation of huge carbon fibre pylons 870 ft high will soon blight the coast off Scotland, the latest efforts at ‘greening the economy’, not for… Read More »March 30th – April 5th, 2024

March 23rd – March 29th, 2024

March 23rd – March 29th, 2024 Tourist Centres closing, Rainbow Lanyards banned, but first … Where are Our Priorities for Children and the Elderly? Aboyne Primary School in Aberdeenshire is at the centre of a furious row with Tempest Photographers over school class photos which gave parents the opportunity to have a picture of the… Read More »March 23rd – March 29th, 2024

March 16th – March 22nd, 2024

March 16th – March 22nd, 2024 Prayer and Protest Banned (or not); will Scotland get back into the EU?  But first …. The Police Scotland Hate Monster was the surprise Elmo-like bright orange choice to publicise the Hate Crime Act (HCA) legislation, unfortunately accompanying a police refusal to investigate up to 24,000 crimes like housebreakings,… Read More »March 16th – March 22nd, 2024

March 9th – March 15th, 2024

This week in Scotland we find that Public Indecency alive and well in Scotland, we learn that Police will investigate every ‘hate’ report but not every real crime. Plus Has minimum alcohol pricing worked for Scotland? While we see cuts to Mentoring and Higher Education the Scottish Government funds a sex act project. And a warning… Read More »March 9th – March 15th, 2024

March 1st – March 8th, 2024

March 2nd – March 8th, 2024 Does Football have a problem with drugs and alcohol? Are independence supporters ‘extremists’? But first …… A Feminist Urbanism is the ambitious aim of a group of Glasgow women councillors who met recently to look at Glasgow through the lens of women, particularly looking at transport; how women navigate… Read More »March 1st – March 8th, 2024

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