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Julia Pannell

Planning Controversies – Local versus National

Planning Controversies – Local versus National Planning matters are generally decided by the local planning authority, particularly in the case of small-scale developments.  Appeals for such cases would go to a committee of 3 or more local elected officials.  But Scottish ministers can intervene in local matters where an issue of ‘genuine national interest’ may… Read More »Planning Controversies – Local versus National

Are Women Equally Valued?

The Menopause trivialised             Rosemary Goring shone a light on the menopause recently (‘HRT isn’t only answer – being a woman is not a medical issue’, Herald, 18th May 2022) pointing out that since time immemorial women have been regarded as intrinsically weaker, our occasional irrationality stemming from our role as childbearers with all the… Read More »Are Women Equally Valued?

‘Carbon Bombs’ could blow up our climate ambitions

Carbon Bombs           A major investigation by the Guardian newspaper has revealed shocking plans by major oil and gas firms to ignore all the promises of COP26 and plough on with raking in huge profits.           In ‘Carbon bombs’ set to trigger a climate catastrophe’ (12 May 2022) the Guardian claims that the world’s biggest… Read More »‘Carbon Bombs’ could blow up our climate ambitions

Healthcare Crisis?

Healthcare Crisis?          A healthcare crisis is developing, according to Dr Graeme Eunson, a consultant pediatrician based at Borders General Hospital and the outgoing chairman of the BMA’s Scottish consultants’ committee.            He claims a two-tier system is emerging, with double the number of medical professionals retiring in 2021 compared to 2020.… Read More »Healthcare Crisis?

Week 17 April 23rd – April 29th, 2022

 23/04/2022 – 29/04/2022 The Fringe Soaring accommodation costs are pricing entertainers out of participation, with some prices doubling since 2019. Anthony Alderson of the Pleasance Theatre Trust is calling on the council and landlords to cap prices. The Scottish government introduced the Scottish Private Residential Tenancy agreement in 2019 in a bid to help students,… Read More »Week 17 April 23rd – April 29th, 2022