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Julia Pannell

Week 7 12th February – 18th February 2022

12/02/2022 – 18/02/2022 Prospectus (or 2) for Independence             The Scottish Greens will be joint contributors to the Scottish government’s Prospectus for Independence, but will also prepare their own prospectus.  Lorna Slater said the government vision for independence is not the same as theirs, but is unsure if the Green prospectus will be one or… Read More »Week 7 12th February – 18th February 2022

Week 6 – 5th February – 11th February 2022

05/02/2022 – 11/02/2022 Legislation: Emergency Powers           The Scottish government is considering making some emergency powers permanent.  The Coronavirus (Recovery and Reform) (Scotland) Bill gives powers in public health to impose lockdown restrictions, allow remote court hearings, close schools and change private sector evictions to disallow some automatic eviction orders.  Opposition MSPs call it a ‘power grab’.… Read More »Week 6 – 5th February – 11th February 2022

This Week In Scotland – Week 04

IndyRef2 Speaking on the BBC’s Sunday Morning programme, Nicola Sturgeon said the government would decide “within weeks” when it would introduce legislation for indyref2. Previously the legislation was actually to be tabled within weeks. Now she will do “everything … within my power” to hold indyref2 in 2023. Not exactly watertight, then. The unionist media… Read More »This Week In Scotland – Week 04

This Week In Scotland – Week 03

Team UK Following an Intergovernmental Relations Review (IGR), and with the apparent agreement of the devolved governments, a new council is being established covering the four constituent parts of the UK to encourage “mutual respect, maintaining the trust and positive working”. With three tiers, Tier 1 is a council chaired by the PM; Tier 2… Read More »This Week In Scotland – Week 03

This Week In Scotland – Week 51

Dalzell Steel It has been revealed by Ivan McKee, Scottish Business Minister, that the deal to save the last remaining steel plant in Scotland may have breached state aid rules. The Dalzell and Clydebridge steelworks was bought for £1 from Tata Steel by the Scottish government in 2016 and immediately sold on to Liberty Steel.… Read More »This Week In Scotland – Week 51

The Week In Scotland – Week 50

The Scottish Budget The Scottish Budget served up no real surprises. Kate Forbes claims most Scottish taxpayers will pay less than those elsewhere in the UK, although the National Insurance rise imposed by the UK government will disproportionately hit lower earners. Public sector pay rises to £10.50 per hour, the Scottish Child Payment doubles to… Read More »The Week In Scotland – Week 50

This Week In Scotland – Week 49

Storm Arwen and the North-East Energy firms have spent £730m on resilience in the last five years, but speaking in committee at the House of Commons Paul McGimpsey of the Energy Networks Association blamed the wind going in the wrong direction, from north-east to south-west, thus devastating commercial plantations which did not have the same… Read More »This Week In Scotland – Week 49

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