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Julia Pannell

Legal Matters August 2022

Justice/Legal Matters Does Scotland have the power to pass the Independence Referendum Bill under the Scotland Act 1998? When Winnie Ewing reconvened the Scottish parliament in 1999, it is arguable she reconvened it with full powers, as Scotland had when it was adjourned.  The SNP has sought to intervene in the Supreme Court process to argue… Read More »Legal Matters August 2022

August 13th – August 19th, 2022 Week 33

13/08/22 – 19/08/22 Health, Land, Women, Energy and a Gaelic meltdown ……. Disability Matters Corseford College in Renfrewshire will open in September for 15 young people with complex needs, offering bespoke learning for 18–25-year-olds, with sensory suites, a specialist pool, rebound therapy involving trampolines and outdoor learning.  It aims to prepare young people to live… Read More »August 13th – August 19th, 2022 Week 33

Eco Matters August 2022

Eco Matters                                                August 2022 Grouse Shoots, Wildfires, Land Ownership and more… Grouse Shooting             Is this an iconic Scottish activity or just a cliché of Scottish life like swirling mist, bagpipes, whisky… Read More »Eco Matters August 2022

Will Food Insecurity create a new Russian Empire?

Will food insecurity create a new Russian Empire? Does Russia want world famine? According to David Beasley, Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), up to 323 million people are ‘marching towards starvation’ and 49 million are ‘knocking on famine’s door’, wrote David Pratt in the Sunday National (‘Food squeeze begins’, 5/6/2022). In the… Read More »Will Food Insecurity create a new Russian Empire?

July 23rd-July 29th, 2022 Week 30

23/07/2022 -29/07/2022 Mental Health Help The Scottish government has spent over £3 million funding the Welfare Advice and Health Partnerships programme since September 2021, to address mental health problems which are compounded by financial worries.  Nearly 150 GPs have signed up to the service to be directly referred to in-house welfare rights officers for advice… Read More »July 23rd-July 29th, 2022 Week 30

Women and Equalities Rights

Women and Equalities                             July 2022 ForWomen Scotland                         say they have no choice but to take the Scottish government back to court.  The reason is the Scottish government guidance on Gender Representation on Public Boards, which sought to make up the… Read More »Women and Equalities Rights

9th July-15th July, 2022 Week 28

09/07/22 – 15/07/22 IndyRef2 The SNP’s second paper on independence focusses on Democracy.  Despite the UK’s constant repeats, Scotland’s First Minister stressed that the Smith Commission said that Scotland could become independent at any time in the future if it wants.  It is deeply undemocratic to say Scotland can’t leave, but worse, can’t debate among… Read More »9th July-15th July, 2022 Week 28

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