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Colette Walker

Barrhead Boy Blog

Inner Workings of Independence

The whole Barrhead Boy interview with Dot Jessiman provides great (if frustrating) insight, but if you want to understand the state of the independence debate within the SNP NEC jump in at 32.50.

Rigged Scottish Elections

ISP in the Media

Find out what others are saying about the Independence for Scotland Party through the articles and interviews below: (Media organisations can make enquiries using The Scottish Parliament is a relatively young parliament and as such is still in many ways is finding its feet. Apparently designed to produce a more consensual, cross-party politics, it… Read More »ISP in the Media

Saltire Eyes

The Homeless Voter

So that’s it then. After the disaster of the 2019 Westminster election, there was a window, just a brief window for Indy loving Labour supporters to push the case for Scottish Labour to endorse or at least be neutral to, independence. Sir Keir Starmer shut that particular door this week with a resounding clang. Labour… Read More »The Homeless Voter

Scottish Election ballot papers

Understanding D’Hondt

The Scottish Parliament is elected using the Additional Member System and this is calculated according to the D’Hondt method. Whilst not overly complex, it does take a few minutes to understand how this system works. The video below provides a walk-through example of how the parties that are standing for List Seats are allocated according… Read More »Understanding D’Hondt

Scottish Election ballot papers

The Scottish Electoral System

Additional Member System The system used to elect members of the Scottish Parliament is the Additional Member System (AMS), this is a form of proportional representation which aims to allocate seats roughly in proportion to the votes cast. It is not perfectly proportional however it has the advantage of keeping the tie between a constituency… Read More »The Scottish Electoral System

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