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Colette Walker

Saltire Eyes

Colette Walker Speaks with Pensioners for Independence

Colette Walker, co-founder and leader  of the ISP, joined P4Indy to talk about the new party. There are a number of new Independence parties, standing solely on the List, who aim to increase the number of Independence supporting MSPs in the Scottish Parliament. 

Girl Holding Yes Poster

Statement on George Kerevan and Kenny MacAskill Ads

Last week the ISP issued two Facebook and Twitter cards online, quoting statements made by Kenny McAskill MP and Georgre Kerevan regarding the professionalism of the ISP and the stupidity of using ‘BothVotes’SNP’ on the regional list. George Kerevan contacted ISP directly via Twitter and asked us to remove the card. George felt it suggested… Read More »Statement on George Kerevan and Kenny MacAskill Ads

Girl Holding Yes Poster

A Personal Journey to the ISP

Derick recently joined the ISP and provides a detailed account of his thinking that made him consider such a difficult decision I joined the SNP in 1988 and left in 2020. The ISP are already providing a policy offer that neither the SNP nor the Greens are, and in that way potentially buttress and grow… Read More »A Personal Journey to the ISP

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