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Colette Walker

Girl Holding Yes Poster

A Personal Journey to the ISP

Derick recently joined the ISP and provides a detailed account of his thinking that made him consider such a difficult decision I joined the SNP in 1988 and left in 2020. The ISP are already providing a policy offer that neither the SNP nor the Greens are, and in that way potentially buttress and grow… Read More »A Personal Journey to the ISP

Barrhead Boy Blog

Inner Workings of Independence

The whole Barrhead Boy interview with Dot Jessiman provides great (if frustrating) insight, but if you want to understand the state of the independence debate within the SNP NEC jump in at 32.50.

Rigged Scottish Elections

ISP in the Media

Find out what others are saying about the Independence for Scotland Party through the articles and interviews below: (Media organisations can make enquiries using [email protected]) The Scottish Parliament is a relatively young parliament and as such is still in many ways is finding its feet. Apparently designed to produce a more consensual, cross-party politics, it… Read More »ISP in the Media