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Colette Walker


ISP Polling

Today we again wrote to all the major polling companies requesting that they give consideration to including the ISP on future polls for the Scottish Parliament elections in May 2021. We know from our own research that ISP is proceeding well in growing membership of the party and is already steering the political discourse in… Read More »ISP Polling

Yours For Scotland

Wakey, Wakey!

A Guest Post from Iain Lawson at Yours for Scotland The Fix is in Again… Many thought after the NEC elections in November that the Party was back in safe hands. Well I have bad news it’s not sufficiently yet, and the Woke Alliance are still intent on stripping selection procedures away from constituencies and… Read More »Wakey, Wakey!

Barrhead Boy Blog

Game Changer

A Guest Post from Barrhead Boy Back in September I wrote a blog explaining in great detail why I personally would be giving my second vote to the ISP in May. It was a blog that invoked a lot of discussion as well as the usual bile from the usual suspects. Nobody, of course, challenged… Read More »Game Changer

Saltire Eyes

Colette Walker Speaks with Pensioners for Independence

Colette Walker, co-founder and leader  of the ISP, joined P4Indy to talk about the new party. There are a number of new Independence parties, standing solely on the List, who aim to increase the number of Independence supporting MSPs in the Scottish Parliament. 

Girl Holding Yes Poster

Statement on George Kerevan and Kenny MacAskill Ads

Last week the ISP issued two Facebook and Twitter cards online, quoting statements made by Kenny McAskill MP and Georgre Kerevan regarding the professionalism of the ISP and the stupidity of using ‘BothVotes’SNP’ on the regional list. George Kerevan contacted ISP directly via Twitter and asked us to remove the card. George felt it suggested… Read More »Statement on George Kerevan and Kenny MacAskill Ads